Monday, November 15, 2010

What To Do With Patio Umbrellas During Christmas?

Outdoor Patio Umbrellas are great and helpful in creating a lovely outdoor place. But when Christmas time comes, there are just two things you can do. You may store and keep them safe or keep them outdoors but it will depend on every situation.

For wintry places, outdoor patio umbrellas should be stored. However, there are some circumstances that you cannot store your patio umbrellas inside the house or garage. Particularly if an umbrella is fixed in a place and cannot be moved, it should stay outdoors for longer time. Well, you can still keep them safe by providing a patio umbrella cover. Just ensure that the cover is weatherproof. The umbrella should be properly closed and the cover is securely fitted and sealed to avoid the moisture from penetrating. But before you’ll do that, we need to do some proper preparation. This is to ensure that your umbrella is safe when stored indoors, at a garage or just covered outside. The possible effects to an umbrella stored without proper preparation can reduce its lifespan and may also damage it instantly.

Proper preparation before storing is easy. Just make sure to completely clean the whole patio umbrella and it should be completely dry before putting on the cover and storing. This is to prevent molds and mildew from appearing. Adding grease to the crank and joints helps preserve its strength especially when it’s made of metal. Putting grease on metal also prevents rust from appearing. Then you can put the cover on and tie and seal it completely. Additionally, when an umbrella cannot be stored indoors and must stay outdoors. It is best to double the tie and add some support ties on the sides to hold it upright firmly.

For non-wintry places, outdoor umbrellas are of good use. They can be useful to set up a perfect outdoor Christmas venue, a venue for a small party or get-together outside the house. You can decorate them to have a theme for Christmas. Put patio umbrella lights to have a bright surrounding. Patio umbrella lights especially the string types are also great decoration for a Christmas theme. Some of these string types are colored just like the Christmas lights. Adding colored lights and Christmas lights makes a sparkling and lively outdoor Christmas nights. Then add all the Christmas decorations you have and decorate the entire patio including the patio furniture. But do not over-decorate your patio and maintain the balance of elegance and festive of Christmas decoration.

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