Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Color Themes and Combinations

Christmas decorations are meant to be colorful but targeting a specific color theme is also wonderful and trendy. There are a lot of color schemes to choose from. You can choose from realistic to plain colored to metallic theme. You can customize any looks to complement a room decoration and show your creative home designing. Since decorating for Christmas is centered on trees, most themes will be based on them.

The most common and overused theme but still gorgeous of all time is the realistic evergreen. The simple pine tree and green garland or wreath pine leaves are perfect for any ornaments. However, do not add excessive Christmas ornaments if you want to maintain the traditional theme of evergreen. Metallic ornaments such as gold or silver are great ornament add-ons to greenery because they add a glow to the greens. This combination creates a warm home and complements with a fireplace which is perfect for winter during Christmas. By the way, be careful and not to place your Christmas tree or decoration near a real burning fireplace to avoid catching fire. An electric fireplace is a safe one to use indoors. There are modern electric indoor or outdoor fireplaces that look and feel like a real one available in nearest appliance stores or online now at

The wintry theme is also a greenery type but it has a snowy look. Christmas trees have snow features on leaves. This type of decoration is usually placed in non-wintry places to have the look of winter.

Today, there is an increasing popularity of non-traditional colored Christmas tree or decoration. Trendy plain colored schemes include the metallic color such as gold and silver and other colors such as red, blue, pink, white, and more. To some these plain colors have significant meaning. But whatever meaning these colors express, they make a joyful decoration with the help of creative minds. These modern Christmas trees mostly are used in minimalist interiors and they really work best. You can add some ornaments to them but be careful with the color combination to maintain the minimal design. Usually, no more than two different colors of ornament should be added. For an example, if your Christmas tree is purely white then you can add red or blue colored ornament or a combination of two.

These are just simple suggestions. The best way to find out what’s best is by doing it. Probably you’ll discover and learn as you go along.

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