Sunday, December 5, 2010

Five Patio Enhancements for Christmas

Assuming one has a cool patio with all the necessary outdoor furniture including a patio umbrella, then it needs to be transformed to have the spirit of Christmas because it will be utilized to hold a little party, a get-together with family members and as a reception area for visiting friends. It’s a nice idea to decorate the patio or deck to create a cool Christmas and a warm place in an outdoor setting. It will also be lovely sometimes staying in your patio or deck while watching the kids and the kids-at-heart play in the snow.

Here are the 5 enhancements to transform a patio into a Christmas themed space. The idea is to create a cool decoration and a warm ambiance to add comfort in the cool outdoor temperatures.

Christmas tree
This tree is a universal symbol for Christmas and every decoration can be completed with it. Whether it’s a natural or artificial Christmas tree, it represents life in every celebration. The trees are commonly displayed and decorated indoors but they are a great attraction in an outdoor setting too especially at night when you add sparkling lights.

Christmas Garlands
These kinds of garlands are a great addition to the walls and patio fences. The garlands come in many types, colors, and color combinations so choose the best match for your patio color theme. However, the evergreens work great and they really do well in most settings especially when it’s Christmas.

Christmas Wreaths
The Christmas wreaths make a lovely decoration on walls and a great accompaniment to garlands. They can also be gorgeously placed on doors. There are wreaths come in many beautiful combinations of different ornaments, in floral or fruity.

This is the most special enhancement to any decoration. Christmas lights create a lively environment. And if an outdoor umbrella will be used, patio umbrella lights are a great addition. They can brighten the place under the shade and may create a lovely sight too especially the string types.

Patio Heater
Staying in an outdoor setting especially at night can be comfortable when a patio heater or an electric fireplace keeps a warm or cozy ambiance. Keeping a warm environment is important to avoid the discomfort of outdoor coolness. Having a fire bowl or fire pit works great too as it works in two ways, giving warmth and displaying a dazzling glow of real fire at night. Treat your guests in a delightful place with warmth so you can have a remarkable Christmas.

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