Sunday, December 19, 2010

Top 5 Benefits of Upgrading to Electric Fireplace or Heater

Modern electric fireplaces and electric outdoor heaters have become energy-efficient. They effectively convert power input into heat to give warmth in an instant. Thus, more electricity is conserved and lowered the operating cost, a big savings for home owners. A modern electric fireplace or heater is also efficient in its very own functionality. The heater or firebox is made very compact yet still powerful to safely embed them to many types of mantel or casing such as wood, metal, or concrete and stone. This innovation makes a modern electric fireplace and heater suitable for any application from indoors to outdoors and available for all room types. In effect, the fireplace or heater becomes efficient in indoor decorating or outdoor designing when they are paired with a nice and decorative mantel or casing.

What makes an electric fireplace or heater so convenient is simply because you will just plug it into an electric outlet, turn it on, and then you can have a warm and cozy ambiance instantly. Unlike traditional ones where there are a number of hassle steps before you can experience warmth, while having a fireplace ambiance with electric fireplace or heater is just a snap. Most modern fireplaces come with a remote control, they offer an ultimate ease of operation where you can just sit down at your comfort and turn on the fireplace with just a press of a button. You don’t have to worry much about the maintenance because it does not produce ashes or wastes.

An electric fireplace does not require a house renovation because it doesn’t need any outside ventilation. It’s freestanding; meaning it can be moved from place to place in your home or to another home. An outdoor heater is purposely made portable where you can move it in any spot or beside you under the patio umbrella. Portability isn’t just because it’s freestanding; more modern electric fireplaces and electric heaters come where the heat output can also be controlled, whether placed on a smaller or a bigger room you can adjust the heat setting to have just the right ambiance for the room.

Modern electric fireplaces and heaters are made with its heater encased in a safety box which is safe to touch. You don’t have to worry when kids or pets play near the fireplace or heater. You can place other decoration or furniture near without the worry of catching fire. An electric fireplace is thermostatically controlled; when the heat exceeds the limit, it automatically shuts down or turned off to avoid overheating. Also, an electric outdoor heater doesn’t produce excess heat like the burning outdoor fire pits do, so it is safe to use them under an outdoor umbrella or shade without causing damage to the shade and other patio furniture.

Environmentally Friendly
Obviously, an electric fireplace or heater does not produce smoke so no harmful emissions. No toxic residuals too because it does not even produces waste. It’s safe for household health and the environment.

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