Monday, December 27, 2010

Space Saving Outdoor Umbrella Designs

Outdoor patio umbrellas play an important role when it comes to outdoor setup. They protect people and outdoor furniture against the harmful sun’s rays and rains. They also provide an accent to the decoration available a wide array of design options, from style to colors.

There are certain aspects the must be considered before getting an outdoor umbrella to our setup, and one of those is the availability of space in our outdoor area or patio. Not all patios, decks, or outdoor spaces are created equal, and these outdoor spaces normally are not made wide except those for commercial uses. Different space sizes require just the right size of an outdoor umbrella, but to save more spaces to use, we need the right design and style of an umbrella. The right style is that would perfectly fit in an area without sacrificing the convenience of the guests.

The first space-saving outdoor umbrella design is the Offset Patio Umbrella, also called Cantilever Umbrella. This type of umbrella is built with its pole support is outside the canopy, not at the center. Commonly the pole is slightly angled to the top and the canopy is hanged over. This umbrella structure helps save space because you don’t have to put the umbrella at the center or attached it to a table. It means that you can place the shade from any angle giving you the opportunity to arrange the patio furniture freely. Modern offset patio umbrellas feature a reliable crank mechanism for ease of use. Additionally, you and your guests will not be annoyed with the umbrella pole anymore.

Half-canopy Patio Umbrella is another space-saving outdoor shade provider. Uniquely designed with its canopy is literally made half. Similar to offset umbrellas, its pole now is on the side so it could perfectly be placed on the building or wall side. This umbrella construction is perfect for utilizing any unused house or building side wall spaces. The structure itself is decorative; it can be an attraction for bistro’s and café’s.

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