Monday, August 23, 2010

Outdoor Umbrella Shape Factor

Patio Umbrellas or Outdoor Umbrellas come in many colors, styles, and shapes. Before buying an outdoor umbrella one must consider some important factors. These factors affect the beauty and functionality of the setup you are making. Choosing the right characteristics of your outdoor umbrella determines how your outdoor setting would look. A good selection would result into a lovely outdoor setting. Whatever setup you are planning to create, there are numerous umbrella types to choose from that would perfectly complement. Outdoor umbrellas are not just for beauty, they are also helpful in protecting us. It protects us from harmful sun rays and from the rain. It also serves as shade for our outdoor furniture.

One factor to consider before buying an outdoor umbrella is the shape. Outdoor patio umbrellas come in various shapes, from classic shapes to modern stylish ones and some have tassels. Most typical umbrellas come in polygonal shape. There are those that have six sides, eight sides, and some have more sides. More sides give strength your umbrella would be, but in today’s modern architecture this is not necessary.

The choice will be based on your setup. If you are to put it to shade a table, it is obvious to choose the one that shaped like the table. If your table is square, choose square umbrella, if it is rectangular choose rectangle. And for round tables you can choose to use polygonal shaped as polygons are somewhat rounded. But if you have no table yet or you are not to place a table, the choice will now depend on how you want your setup would look. Consider also your space because not all houses have large space and home spaces have different shapes too. A round shaped umbrella may consume more space, so if want to save space for other furniture or display, it would be nicer to use square or rectangular shaped. But more people likes rounded or polygonal shaped because they are elegant and classy.

These are just ideas through observation. You can still customize and create a setup of your own preference.

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