Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Patio Umbrella Lighting

The main purpose of lighting is to illuminate the surroundings against darkness so that things can be visible. But lighting not limited to just giving brightness, it is also used in beautification especially in an outdoor setup. It accentuates patio decorations and makes them visible in the dark. Lights alone can also be a vibrant decoration for any setup and can give life to a dull place.

These purposes also applies to patio umbrellas, lights give brightness and emphasis transforming an umbrella into a romantic and lively addition to any patio setup. Some patio umbrellas are sold with lights built-in but you can also buy a separate one to customize in a mood you like.

There are many trendy and stylish designed patio umbrella lights to choose from. String lights, these are available in many colors that can create a lively sight. Chandelier lights, this can give a touch of elegance and will complement with patio furniture. There are also lights that are spherical in shape made to fit in an umbrella pole. These lights come very handy and decorative.

Different types of bulbs matters as they perform differently. LED bulbs are the most widely used and recommended these days. These bulbs cost less to operate as these would consume a very low amount of power. But these bulbs are dimmer compared to other types and you’ll need more of these to create a bright lighting. But then again, this is not necessary if you’ll only need a little or dimmer light for a desired setting. If you really need a brighter light, incandescent and fluorescent are perfect. Although they are more expensive to use, they give off a brighter light you need. And if you want a warmer look use incandescent and for a cooler look use fluorescent. Consider also the choice of light colors if you want to really customize the mood of your settings. Most often used light color is white but there are many colors to choose from. Different colors create a really different kind of ambiance. For example, you can combine different colors for a Christmas feeling. Add some Christmas decoration, and then you can have your patio themed for the season.

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