Monday, September 27, 2010

How Protect Wooden Furniture for Outdoor

Wooden furniture are naturally beautiful addition to a home or outdoor setting. Although there are synthetic made outdoor furniture that have wood tone or color, still nothing beats the natural magnificence of real solid wood. But these are very vulnerable to the effects of weather especially wetness or moisture. When a wood is wet for a certain period, some fungus may grow which leads to decay and ruin your treasured furniture.

There are few ways to protect wooden furniture outdoors but these can be a hassle and may not be applicable to your lifestyle. You may store them inside but this is unreasonable to do every time you want outside and doing this takes a lot of effort. Giving a shade and covering is a better option. Typically with shade sails or outdoor umbrella, but it is not an assurance. The outdoor climate especially in a backyard garden will still introduce moisture to the furniture.

For an added protection to wooden furniture, it is wise to weatherproof it. This is to preserve your valued furniture to enjoy its beauty longer. To weatherproof a wooden furniture is not much complicated. You’ll just need to apply it with paint or weatherproofing sealer. We will not cover how to weatherproof in detail, but doing it is just as easy as painting. First, make sure that the furniture is clean and completely dry. You can use soap and wash cloth or brush to clean the wood thoroughly let if dry completely. You can buy a weatherproofing sealer from any hardware or paint shop. Ask the vendor for instructions on how to properly apply the sealer. This is to make sure that you don’t ruin the finish of you furniture. You can hire a painter to do a professional job but you can do it yourself if you want. Sometimes it can be relaxing and fun doing things at home where you can also add a personal touch.

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