Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Benefits of Offset Umbrellas

To help you better understand the real benefits of offset umbrellas, let us know first what makes an offset umbrella.

This type of outdoor umbrella has its pole on its side in contrast with the standard ones which is on the center. Its side pole is the key and unique feature among other umbrellas which has a lot of advantage. It has a horizontal beam or a slightly slanting beam that holds the umbrella canopy which is why they are also called as cantilever umbrellas. The side pole is usually attached to a solid and heavy umbrella base. This is required to counterbalance the weight of the canopy which is hanged on the horizontal beam.

With unique features, flexibility and accessibility comes to your outdoor area with this type of outdoor umbrella. More of this space saving type have styles and design to help you create a focal point and really amazing patio setup.

Here are more benefits:
  • A greater freedom to arrange and rearrange a patio furniture setup. You are not bothered anymore with the pole.
  • Ability to change the angle anytime to get a perfect sun and rain shade.
  • No obstacle in your view. Best shade for an outdoor relaxation and conversation area.
  • Its design can easily adapt to any existing outdoor setup you have. Perfect choice if you already designed a backyard, patio, or deck.
  • You can enjoy and impress some people with its unique form that is rarely seen in public places.
  • You have more style options because it can be designed with less limitations because it has no center pole.
  • It can be placed and relocated anywhere in the area with ease.
  • No need to buy center table with holes and you don’t have to drill a hole in an existing table just to have a shade.
  • Lets you have a larger shade because this type can be as large as needed. Most of the offset umbrellas are designed to cover an entire outdoor furniture setup.

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