Sunday, January 29, 2012

Motorized Patio Awnings

Installing a patio awning is a practical and an easy way to add a shade in the patio or deck that is just an extension to a house. It is a quick shade solution to avoid major house renovation of adding a permanent roof that would take a long process before a controlled weather can be enjoyed in your patio. The installation would be faster than you might think because modern awnings are ready to install in just a matter of minutes. Now these are just the basics of an awning and there are more features that will excite you more when you come to know motorized patio awnings.

In pursuit of convenience, designers found solutions to revolutionize outdoor umbrellas and shades to meet patio shade needs these days. They have added more features to a standard awning and incorporated mechanisms to it. And the result is a dynamic shade that can transform to provide a shade that you need at any time.

The motorized patio awnings can;
  • give you shade at the press of a button,
  • adjust to a shade coverage needed, and
  • roll in when not needed and roll out when needed in seconds.

Moreover, modern styles include a remote control so that you can conveniently roll it in and out without even stepping to the patio. Don’t worry when there is no electricity, just like manual patio awnings, most of these have manual crank system to enable operation even the power is out.

You can get a lot of exciting benefits when you have this awning installed in your patio.
  • The remote control lets you operate conveniently.
  • You no longer  interrupt conversations or leave your guests just to adjust the shade.
  • Gives you freedom from the hassle, great for those who are less capable of rolling an awning manually.
  • Most motorized patio awning don’t have posts, anyone can move around when awning is open.
  • Most have fabric made of sun protective materials that are not just resistant to sun and rain but also blocks UV rays. So you are surely protected while enjoying the fresh outdoor breeze.
  • Protection for patio furniture from the sun and rain.
  • Helps lower electric bills because it helps keep your house cool when the sun is very hot at summertime. You no longer use more air conditioning time to cool down the house.

This type of patio shade is really worth as an investment. It provides convenience, protection, and security for you, your outdoor furniture, and patio installations.

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