Sunday, January 1, 2012

Enjoying Nature’s Goodness at Home

Living with nature even for a short period of time refreshes our state of life. It clears our mind from the complexity of our daily work and activities. Breathing and feeling the fresh ambiance of nature revitalize our body and soul.

However, going to places to enjoy this nature’s goodness is not always possible because of our hectic daily schedules. But if there is a will, always there are solutions. One of the best way to enjoy nature is by bringing it at home. It is not literally bringing the natural environment at home but by creating a miniature version. The advantage of this that you can enjoy the goodness in almost everyday.

The backyard, garden, or an open space can be utilized to create nature at home. A garden is the best place for this because it naturally brings us closer to nature itself. We will just need some accents to complete this such as water fountains, fake water falls, and additional small trees. This can also be possible for patios and decks by adding potted plants and tress. Water fountains and fake water falls can also be used.

Life is another essence of nature so adding some live animals and insects is great. But what you can have is very limited. However, creating a small natural environment basically need some birds and fish in a small pond or aquarium. Useful insect such as butterflies, lady bugs, and others naturally come to your place if they sense it is livable, a good sign that you actually created a place with the ambiance of nature.

When everything goes well, its time to add some things you need so that you can stay comfortably in the backyard, patio, or deck . The first thing you need is a set of patio furniture where you can sit or lay down to relax. Wicker patio furniture will be the best type you can have because it can blend well with nature. Adding an outdoor umbrella or a shade sail is not required but you need them on sunny days. It would also be great if you choose a patio umbrella designed with a little touch of nature.

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