Monday, December 26, 2011

Three Steps to Choose a Patio Umbrella Base

A patio umbrella base or stand plays the biggest role in your patio umbrella installation. It keeps your umbrella standing and secure in its place. This task is very important to let you enjoy the umbrella without worries.

An outdoor umbrella should be installed securely to avoid mishaps that could happen to it and to other things. This is why it is very important to buy the right umbrella stand or base. Investing on a patio umbrella base is worth it if you know how to choose wisely. Here are the three easy steps to come up with the right choice.

The three steps is about examining the three characteristics of a patio umbrella base or stand.

There are two important sizes to watch for, the tube for the pole and the base dimension. Check that the hole size is a perfect fit for the umbrella pole size because stability in holding the umbrella depends on it. A slight loose grip can slowly damage the pole and the umbrella may eventually loosen and break away with a sudden wind blow. The base let the umbrella to stand still and it is directly affected by its dimension. The formula is simple, choose larger base dimension for a larger umbrella canopy. Simply, the wider the base size, the better.

How an umbrella stay firm against strong wind blows rely on the weight of the object where it is attached. If and umbrella is affixed on a sturdy and heavy patio furniture such as an outdoor patio table, it can stay firm. However, a standalone stand or base should have a weight enough to hold an umbrella against wind blows. A heavy base with wheels is a practical choice for easy mobility whenever you want to transfer it.

The design is not as important as the size and weight. But it also a help when you can choose the right design that goes well with the design of your umbrella and the patio decoration. Besides, there are a lot of designs to choose from.

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