Sunday, December 11, 2011

Why Buy Synthetic Wicker

A synthetic wicker has a lot to offer. These are advantages that make you consider buying this type of furniture. Here are some important and factual advantages of a synthetic wicker patio furniture.

Unique and Beautiful Designs
Wicker is flexible that made it possible to form into different design and style. The design types that can be made range from classical to modern and from simple to complex and unique furniture items. It all lays in the hands of a creative designer. Any type of furniture can be made from this material such as sofa sets, tables, and all other indoor and outdoor patio furniture items. You have many options for any patio decoration.

Indoor and Outdoor Use
Synthetic wicker furniture is made from synthetic resin strands. The material has a lot of color and texture options that mimics even natural wicker or rattan. And when formed, it can match with any decor styles from indoors to outdoors. The material is very light as well that you can move them with less effort from indoors to outdoors and back.

All Weather Resistant
The material is resistant to the outdoor elements such as water and molds which are the common cause of degradation to other furniture types. They can be left outside in the patio even without coverings. Though they can endure the sunlight but still they need some shade to make their life even longer. A patio umbrella is enough for them just to have a shade in the middle of the day while the sun is very hot. There are outdoor umbrellas that are large enough to cover a patio furniture setup.

Finished synthetic furniture seats and chairs have soft cushions to support and provide comfort. Still, the material itself is comfortable to use, strong but flexible enough to slightly bounce back when you lay down. The texture of resin is also smooth to touch that you can lay your back and arms comfortably.

Multiple strands of wicker is stronger than a piece of wood with the same volume. A wicker furniture is flexible but can last longer without breaking, whereas a wood have the tendency to break. Add to that the fact that synthetic wicker is resistant to molds and mildew that causes deterioration and lead to wreckage.

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