Sunday, March 6, 2011

Adding Music and Sound Effects to a Patio

Music is the food for the soul. It fills us to whatever we want to feel. On the other hand, a patio is a location for a relaxation and for any celebration. Outdoor fireplaces and patio heaters helps create a warm and relaxing environment. Adding music to the place brings the ambiance up to another level. A relaxation in any form can be obtained at a higher level with music. Too much silence can be deafening sometimes. Imagine relaxing under a lovely patio umbrella while listening to your favorite music, isn't it lovelier than without?

Different music genres activates different feelings. It is better to have a stock of different music for different events. Get ready those music all the time for such event comes, you are ready to enhance the ambiance making you guests feel the celebration or the scene.

Another soothing patio enhancement aside from comfy patio furniture is by adding nature sound effects. This is great for tropical and garden setup. If you like the sounds of nature like the singing birds, animals, and some insects but don't want the hassle or don't have the privilege of bringing them at home. The resourceful way is by adding the sound effects with a stereo. The sound effects also helps in setting up a tropical paradise at home.

Setting up is easy, it does not require an expensive stereo system except you need it for a party. A small stereo will do, you can buy them at lower cost. To be creative, place the unit in a safe spot and concealed. This way is best for nature sound effects, you and your guest can hear the sound just like in nature without knowing where the sound came from. There is a stereo system unique to patio, it comes as a patio umbrella accessory that can be attached to the umbrella pole.

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  1. I read through your blog John, music is nice, especially the nature sounds, it's rare that I put music on, because I love the sound of nature around me, my wind chimes tinkling softly, the mountain stream gurgling (rushing enormously during rain and spring snow thaws, the birds singing, squirrels chattering, bugs humming..I live in the country, no neighbours, in the nothing artifical needed here! ;)
    I create my wind chimes using the energy of Feng Shui that surrounds my home, check them out here (thanks for your comment on my Hubpage!)