Sunday, March 20, 2011

Space Saving Patio Heaters

Leaving enough free space is essential to a patio design. We do this for a purpose, to obtain a larger space to move freely and a less complicated place to stay. The stuffs that fill up the patio space are also important and one of the significant things we put on the patio is an outdoor heater which would somehow take up an amount of space. Other important patio furnishings such as an outdoor umbrella may not take a large space but its design can become an obstacle to move freely. The best option for outdoor shade is to select an offset patio umbrella which has a space-saving design. It is helpful to choose those space-saving patio furniture and appliances to save some space. Here are some of the space-saving designed patio heaters.

Hanging Patio Heaters
These heaters are specially designed to have a heater that directly heat the ground but placed overhead. It gives warmth without any obstacles and the heat can easily spread around. These patio heaters are usually electric-powered so they are hassle free to operate, just plug it and turn on and off easily from below.

Wall Mount Patio Heaters
Wall mounted patio heaters are the classic choice for space-saving heaters. They can be gas or electric-powered and can easily be mounted to any wall. These heaters mostly offer a focused heat to warm the spot directly.

Pole Mounted Heater
Although this type can take a space on the ground but very little and the pole base can serve as decoration too. They are gas or electric-powered and can be operated easily. These heaters are best for spot heating especially the infrared types which the heat can be focused where you need it.

Other patio heaters the can help you save some space in your patio are the table top types. These heaters come in different styles from personal to general heating. Personal heaters are usually fuelled with gelled alcohol. The gas fuelled table top heaters are capable of heating around the table.

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