Monday, August 8, 2011

Outdoor Furniture for a Garden

There are so many types of furniture emerged in the market today but only few of them are suitable to use in a garden. Usability of an outdoor furniture will depend on the type of garden setup. Some patio furniture need outdoor shade to keep them dry always and some will endure all elements of an open outdoor environment without cover. The performance of a furniture will depend on the materials it is made of.

Most people want wooden furniture. Well, it is because the beauty of a wood furniture is perfect for a garden setup. They are a nice addition to a floral or tropical setup as the wood furniture can go well with the plants. But remember that wood furniture are vulnerable to molds and decay so take some safety measures to let the wood furniture last longer. Make sure that the wood is applied with sealant to avoid getting rot and decay from wetness and protection from destructive insects. Provide it with cover when not in use to protect against outdoor elements especially water. A patio umbrella is also a good shade for the entire patio furniture setup.

Metal furniture are heavy duty to endure longer time of use. If a metal outdoor furniture is durably constructed, it would usually take years before a wear appears. Wrought iron is the popular choice in this furniture type because of the texture that can go well with the garden decor. This type of furniture is a nice accent to a garden setup because the rustic texture that somehow mimic the look of wood. Given that this type of furniture is coated well with paint to avoid rust, it can be left at the garden even without cover or shade. There are other metal furniture that are rustproof such as aluminum-made but their look is not suitable for a garden unless you are creating something different. If you want these to place in the garden, you can complement it with other decor to make it look harmonious with the garden outlook.

Plastic furniture such as PVC or resin are also great for outdoors. You can place them in an outdoor environment without any worries because they are waterproof. There are plastic furniture that mimics the texture of wood, great for garden decor. One example of plastic furniture is a wicker outdoor furniture made of resin. Just add cushion and the setup will look great and feel comfy.

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