Sunday, November 6, 2011

Strategic Location for a Patio Heater

The next thing to do after buying the best patio heater which suits your setup requirements is to look for a location for it. This task seems so simple yet still requires us to do some necessary steps to come up with the right choice. Yes you can place them anywhere you wanted but there are several concerns. The efficiency might not be attained and it could turn out that you are just wasting electricity or fuel. There are safety concerns also for every heater, be it electric or gas powered.

There are several factors that should be considered in selecting a location. These includes the location of the whole patio, the patio furniture setup, and what is the primary purpose of your patio or outdoor room. Because the heat generated from any heater has limitations, they are usually placed near the place where you and your guests stay. It will also depend on the type of outdoor heater, on the type of environment, and vice-versa.

Please note that these tips are also helpful in deciding what type of patio heater to buy if you have already prepared a place for a patio heater in your patio design.

This location requires that the type of outdoor heater you should use is the one that can generate heat that flows in all direction. Usually gas powered heaters are designed with this capability. One example is a propane heater. A table top propane heater is great for outdoor dining and for get together where people usually sits in circle.

You can usually see a heater that is placed hanging on the ceiling or wall in restaurants and cafe's. But they can also be used at home if you have roof or ceiling at your patio. Some can also be placed on a patio umbrella attached on the pole just beneath the umbrella canopy ribs. They are installed like that so that they will not interfere with the activities going on. They can be used on both regular type of umbrellas and on offset patio umbrellas.

The best heater for this type of installation is an infrared patio heater. It generates a focus heat to give warmth directly but does not heat the air. Best for breezy environment. This type is cost efficient because it conserves more power.

On the Side
The type of heater for this is one that generates and fans the heat on one side direction. The heater source should face to the direction where the people have gathered. Remember to choose a location that is not affected by the breeze if your heater is not an infrared type.

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