Sunday, November 27, 2011

Instant Patio Gardening Tips

Gardening brings a lot of benefits offered by different types of plants. They are an unlimited source of colorful beauty, fragrance, health, and wellness. These extra advantage adds more value to your outdoor room. If you have a patio or a deck instead of a garden, bringing these benefits to your place is really possible.

There are many ways to make your outdoor room bloom with green plants and colorful flowers in just few days. But if you want an instant result, these tips can also help that even non-gardeners can achieve great results.

Type of Plants
Plants can be categorized into three different types namely Ornamental, Herbal, and Vegetable. You choose one or a combination of these types of plants depending on what you want to achieve.
Ornamental which consist of mostly flowering plants can give a beautiful and colorful look for your patio. They are attention grabber.

Herbal plants are beneficial for our wellness and some of them can be used for decoration also.
Vegetables are not commonly planted on pots and used as decorative items but they are beneficial. In fact, vegetables growing on pots have gained attention these days.

Potted plants
Indeed this is the most practical way to introduce gardening in the patio or deck. You can plant them yourself to have a personal touch or you can buy some to have them instantly in your outdoor room. The main advantage of potted plants is that you can easily relocate them when you want to rearrange the patio.

As a complement to potted plants, there are non-potted plants that can be used as decorative accents to the design. They can be hung on the walls, posts, and on the gutters. They are less messy and lightweight.

The Arrangement
The plants can be arranged like you normally see them in traditional gardens. The plants must be organized according to their type and classes. However, you can be creative by arranging them in different manner but a balance in design must be maintained. Some plants can be placed around the side of the patio or deck. Placing some plants within your patio furniture setup add some fresh feeling. You can put some beside a wicker patio furniture set and you can add some small plant pot to your table top decor.

Plant Care Tips
We know the basic needs of a plant, sunlight and water. Taking care of them will easier if you are using only patio umbrella. Just close the umbrella for a while to let the sunshine in. But if you are using a permanent shade or a bigger outdoor umbrella where frequent closing and opening is not applicable, then you need to place then under the sun sometimes. Water them but not excessively to avoid water spillage in your patio or deck flooring.

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