Sunday, November 13, 2011

Patio Umbrella Lights With a Purpose

After patio umbrellas became necessity for outdoor lifestyle, now come patio umbrella lights in answer for our lighting needs to use with an outdoor umbrella. We know the basic purpose of a light, however, there are also different types of lighting needs especially for outdoors. That's the reason why many different types of lights have emerged.

It is helpful to know the characteristics and purposes of a type of light before buying one for a patio umbrella. So that we can select the best one that goes well with the existing patio furniture, patio umbrella, and the outdoor decor theme.

Standard lights made of traditional incandescent bulb emit brighter and warm light better than other types, except for colored ones. Together with an outdoor heater, warm lighting is best for creating a place for outdoor dining while the softer or dimmer warm light is best for enhancing a romantic ambiance. There is just one downside for using this type, that is, they consume much power.

Flourescent and compact flourescent types are best for producing bright white light. But they are seldom used as patio umbrella light.

LED lights are famous these days. One LED produces light at a lower intensity. We need to combine many LEDs to produce brighter light. However, even many LEDs are needed to produce enough brightness, the power needed is still lower compared to other types of light. Because it needs less power, more LED umbrella lights now come with rechargeable power source so you can bring them wherever you place the outdoor umbrella.

The other purpose of patio umbrella lights is to use as additional decoration, brightening up is just secondary. There are many types of patio theme and not all light types are good for them. One type of these lights is just good for one or two outdoor decor theme.

Regardless of the type, all lights can be of many forms and can be assembled with different components such as globe and lantern casing. They can be made just for lighting, decoration item, or both. They can have many colors and can be made into string of lights especially the smaller ones.

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