Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rattan – What is it Good For

Many people have used outdoor furniture made of rattan. This type of furniture is also one of the famous item in furniture shops and admired by many. Over the past decades, rattan have gained popularity among all other materials used in manufacturing not just outdoor furniture sets but also decorative items.

Now, let us examine what is rattan and what is it good for. Why it became so famous in patio furniture making industry.

Rattan is not typically a wood, the rattan plant which they came from is vine-like plant that can be found in tropical countries mostly in Southeast Asia. The stem is gathered, cleaned, and dried to become the very material for making a rattan furniture. Rattan stem is malleable making it possible to design furniture into any shape and style. That is why most rattan furniture item have great designs and are elegant.

They help in keeping a green environment. Aside from the fact that they grow rapidly and easily in enormous volume, they also save a tree. A tree can be saved whenever a set of furniture is made from rattan instead of wood. Because of this, rattan furniture producers are also considered Eco-friendly.

Rattan furniture are good for both indoor and outdoor use. The material can endure harsh elements of outdoors. The material is malleable so they can endure the stress of long use unlike a wood that have a tendency to break.

Though rattan can do a great performance as an outdoor patio furniture, you still need to cover it when not in use. You can also just use a shade or a large patio umbrella to protect it from sun and rain. The rattan cannot be easily weaken by the sun's heat and rain, it is the other supporting materials does such as nails, wires, and metal or wood frame.

Design possibilities of rattan are numerous. Any patio furniture and indoor furniture can be made into various design and styles. From tables, chairs, sofa sets, and all others. That is why they can go well with any patio furniture, outdoor umbrella and shade sails, and patio decor themes.

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