Sunday, September 11, 2011

What Outdoor Heater Should You Have

Not all heaters are created equal but all can perform at its best when used accordingly. Before you buy one for your outdoor room, consider the environmental conditions and available space in your area. And before you use it, review the characteristics of all the things around your patio. Some patio furniture, outdoor umbrellas, and other outdoor decoration are susceptible to heat at some degree. So be careful how you arrange them that they may not be affected by the heat. Usually, it is not advisable to put some items near the heat source. Then, it will be up to you to decide which type you should have that fills your needs.

The characteristics of a good outdoor heater includes functionality, durability, and beauty. Certainly everyone wants to have a functional and stylish heater. It is needed not just to give comfort but also as a decoration complement.

Fire Bowls and Fire Pits
Outdoor fire bowls and fire pits enables the creation of real glowing fire. These are best addition to the patio if you want to experience the ambiance and the view of glowing flame that dances, great at night time. These heaters requires gas or alcohol based fuels every time you use.

Freestanding Gas Heaters
These heaters include natural gas and propane fuelled. These can generate much heat which make them best for a larger outdoor area. If heat is badly needed for cold outdoors especially during winter, then this type should be considered.

Gel Fireplaces
Come as a pot or lantern, these little handy fireplaces or heaters can be used in almost anywhere. Basically these are for one or two persons only and can be placed on table top as a companion during your time alone or as a little feature on your table. Using gelled alcohol as fuel, this type of heater can give enough personal heat and an amazing flame without residues.

Electric Outdoor Heaters
This type is known to be clean, hassle-free and economical. Efficient in generating instant uniform heat that can be set at a desirable level and operates with less user intervention. Most modern electric fireplaces also come with special effects that mimics the crackling sound and dazzling fire.

Infrared Heaters
This is another electric heater type but performs quite differently. Using infrared heating technology, this is best for heating if only heat is needed. It generates a focused heat which means it only heats the spotted area and not the air in between. Only heats the location you wanted instead of warming the entire area. Just like other other electric heaters, an infrared heater appliance comes in various forms such as freestanding, pole mounted, wall mountable, and hanging. This type of heater is the best accessory for a patio umbrella.

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