Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Home Improvement and Going Green Tips

It is commonly believed that large industries deliver most of the negative effects to our ecology and nature. Yet, we overlooked that residential areas also has a large contribution to these environmental issues that our world is facing. But it is not too late to act to preserve and bring back our natural environment. Going green is really easy that even in our small ways, at home, we can do many things for the better.

We will discuss in this article how to make our home beautiful in ways that help preserve our natural environment and contributes to its recovery.

Periodic General House Cleaning
Periodic general house cleaning like between seasons has a lot of benefits. It revives the looks of our house and contributes to the reduction of pollution in your local area.

Unclog drains and clear waterways in your area to prevent waste build up. Remove debris and leaves because these can become a breeding ground for harmful organisms.

Unclutter your house and dispose unusable objects, appliances, and gadgets properly. You can even exchange some of these trashes for cash.

General cleaning does not just make your house look better but also makes it a breathable and healthy dwelling place.

Reuse and Recycle Items for Decoration and Design
There may be other things in your house and some may have sentimental value that you do not want to throw away. These can be kept safe in a box or hidden in the attic but they can also be used as a decoration. All you have to do is clean, polish, and accessorize them. Use them as a decor feature for your indoor and outdoor furniture sets.

Your kitchen hosts a lot of things like empty containers, bottles, and mason jars. These can be reused as decorative items. Empty bottles especially from wines and mason jars can be painted from the inside. This creates a beautiful effect and then they can be used as live plant container and flower base for your room and patio furniture setup.

Little mason jars can be reused as an outdoor lantern or patio umbrella lights. They can serve as a light bulb enclosure and make more of them to create a string of lights and chandelier.

Large containers and cans have a significant use in our backyard or garden. Instead of throwing them away which adds to volume of wastes in our landfills, they can be reused as pots for plants. I once discovered an idea to make a patio umbrella base out of large container, soil, and plants.

Here is something interesting. Discarded shoes, boots, teapots, and casseroles used as flower and vegetable plant containers have become popular these days. This idea is very unique and gains more attention. And by the way, harboring plants at home and gardening is helpful for our environment.

Much of these tips help you go green and save money. Good luck on your home improvement.

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