Sunday, June 16, 2013

How to Design a Small Backyard and Make a Great Outdoor Space

Decorating a small backyard is not difficult. A small space can easily be filled with furniture items and decorations on a relatively less budget. However, the size leaves us just a limited number of outdoor features we can get. It is hard build a pool, a large garden, an outdoor kitchen, and a sofa altogether.

But don’t despair because there is always a solution we can find. Even though we cannot have all the features we want in the backyard, we can still design your small backyard and make it a great outdoor space.

The very first thing that must be done is measuring the entire usable backyard space. Doing so helps us determine what we can create. It would help us estimate how many features that can possibly be added.

Commonly, the next step is to determine the purpose of the outdoor space. But we will skip that for this guide. Instead, we shall determine the features that we want and if they can fit in the area.

Maybe you are wondering by now on how we can fit many outdoor features in a small area. Well, it’s pretty simple. Minimize the things you add to maximize the use of the area. How do we minimize? Take note of the following tips.

We need the basic elements of making a great outdoor space. Whether you are building a patio or deck, you’ll need a shade, a heat source, and a good atmosphere.

The Shade
There is a lot of good outdoor shade to choose from. But the best option is to get a patio umbrella. Why? Because you can use it whenever you need it and then store away when not. Just one umbrella, especially the tilting and offset outdoor umbrellas can get you covered at any time of day.

The Heat Source
A fireplace is a must-have in a patio design but takes a big area. The best solution is getting a fire bowl or a portable firepit instead of building one on the ground. Surprisingly, a firepit can also be used for grilling. So now you’ll have an item with a dual purpose.

If you still need a little smaller heat source. Then the answer is a portable patio heater.

Adding a Garden
Do you love gardening? Here is the tip so you can add it in your small backyard area.

You can do grow any plant in a pot. You can also build plant boxes that can be hung on walls. This is the trend of today’s urban gardening. You can find so many creative ideas online that are as effective as in ground gardening.

Kitchen and Dining Function
Any outdoor space can serve a kitchen and dining function. How? There is a lot of outdoor patio furniture designs today that allows you to transform them and serve another purpose. For example, you want to place a bistro table and a dining table in your small patio place. Instead of buying separate tables, you can get a table that can be used as a small table on your tea time and be transformed into a large table for an outdoor dining.

As for the kitchen and other outdoor features, I’m pretty sure there is enough space left if you have followed the tips above.

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