Monday, July 1, 2013

Knowing Outdoor Furniture to Get the Best Outdoor Experience

Backyard outdoor experience can be perfected with a set of outdoor furniture. These essential outdoor items are also known as patio furniture while others called it garden furniture. Actually, they are made much like the same as any furniture including those that are made for indoors. However, they have some characteristics to endure the assault of harsh outdoor environment.

There are many types of outdoor furniture and each has special qualities useful for outdoors. Each type boasts a unique beauty that can be exploited in an appropriate backyard design.

Somehow, choosing the right type of outdoor or patio furniture is important to make sure you’ll get the best outdoor experience. Here is a short list of outdoor furniture types and what they can offer.

Wood Outdoor Furniture
Wood outdoor and patio furniture sets are well known for its natural looks. Most people tend to love the grains, natural lines, and colors of wood. We loved it not only for its beauty but because they are warm and comfortable. But you’ll have to take care of them. They must be treated to endure the moist and keep them dry always because they are prone to molds, fungus, and eventually will decay.

Although wood can stand a hot sunny outdoor weather, it’s their looks will degrade in the long run. But it is not really a big deal because you can easily restore them and even enhance their beauty.

Metal Outdoor Furniture
Metal outdoor furniture are preferred for sleek and modern design. This is the choice for designing a minimalist style backyard design. They are shiny and finely finish items.

Metal pieces can be made of Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Wrought Iron. Except for aluminum, they are prone to rust so you have to take care of them. An outdoor area is usually humid which causes rust. Always make sure that the steel or iron materials have protective coating.

Wicker Outdoor Furniture
Wicker patio furniture sets are popular because of their fine beauty. They can look classic but are also really great to add on to modern design.

Be watchful when you buy because there are two types of wicker, natural and synthetic.

Natural wicker furniture items are much like wood when it comes to maintenance.

If you want the looks but not the hassle of maintaining, try a synthetic resin wicker set. Synthetic wickers are new and they are made of All-Weather Resin. They are said to withstand most of the abuse of nature, another reason they are popular for outdoors.

Plastic Outdoor Furniture
Plastics are not as strong and durable as wood and steel but can perform pretty well. They are the best choice for a quick setup.  Just keep in mind that they are susceptible to sunlight and won’t last long. The material will degrade and impossible to restore.

Outdoor Covers
This is additional information. Backyard design will not be complete without the covers. Covers can be patio umbrellas, shade sails, and awnings. They too are considered outdoor furniture and can be made of different materials. You also need to know them before you buy. Here is a useful post about patio umbrella types.

Another reason I include the covers is that they have an important role for your outdoor setup. Covers such as garden and patio umbrellas will get you protected from the harmful sunlight. Once protected, you can stay longer and you’ll get the best outdoor experience. Not only that. They can protect other patio furniture as well.

All in all, outdoor furniture items don’t just sit there in your backyard. They add property and esthetic values to your home. The key is to choose not just the best one, but the best for your outdoor or backyard setup.

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