Monday, November 25, 2013

Seal Your Deck for Protection, Here’s How To Do It

A deck, usually made from wood, is vulnerable to harsh weathers and other outdoor elements so it should be protected. The heat from the sun, the water and moisture from the rain and even winter can do a lot of stress to the wood. All these contribute to the fading of color, warping, cracking, and splintering.

Sealing is generally a necessary routine in deck maintenance. It provides a better protection and at the same time, it gives your deck a better appearance.

Here’s how it is done.

Cleaning and Fixing:

First, you have to remove all outdoor furniture, outdoor umbrella, and other furnishings.

Next, check your deck for some damages such as cracks, splintered surfaces, and popping nails and do the necessary repairs. Cracks can be repaired with wood crack filler which is commonly available in hardware stores. Splintered surfaces can be sanded and if there are large splinters they should be removed and then patch it with wood putty. Drive the popped nails or replace them if necessary.

Then, thoroughly clean your deck and let it completely dry for at least a day. After that, your deck is ready for the sealer treatment.

Applying the sealer:

The sealer should NOT be applied under the sunlight because it would dry quickly. Let the wood absorb the sealant to bond deeply for a better and lasting protection. Find the perfect time to apply the sealer such as early in the morning. Or, you can use some cover such as your sun shade sail or awning.

First, read the instructions of your sealer. It may have a specific guide before using.

Use a paint roller or a sprayer on large surfaces. Use paint brush on the areas that cannot be covered by paint roller such as corners and railings.

At first, evenly apply a thin coat of sealer. Let it be absorbed by the wood until it dries.

Then apply a second and final coating using the same method.

Finally, let the sealer dry completely for at least a day before you can step in and rearrange your outdoor furniture and other deck furnishings.

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