Thursday, February 19, 2015

What Makes a Fire Pit a Good Option

An outdoor fire pit is a great way to recreate a campfire experience right in your own backyard. Remember the day when you are out of town into a camping site. The yellow and orange flame rising from the glowing ember up into the night sky with flickers flying that seems twinkling together with the stars. It indeed gives a great view while creating an ambiance, a warming comfort that is soothing amid the chilling outdoor temperature.

A good fire pit also makes a great outdoor place as it add a touch of harmony and balance. It will serve as night light so that get-together and socializing can be held even in the darkness of night. The safe wood fuel adds the ability to cook food and of course toasting marshmallows and stuff.

Fire pits come in many sizes and shapes especially if you custom-make your own depending on what you want to achieve, how you use it, and how often you make a fire on it. However, there are only two general types of fire pit, built-in and portable, the ones you can buy and use immediately.

Built In
The most preferred by many is a built in fire pit or in-ground fire pit. You can hire someone to make one but, it is really easy to create one and there are many tutorials and plans available for free in the internet. Certainly, this would be a great do-it-yourself project that save you money. It will only take about a day or less to build so you can then sit in your patio furniture and relax proudly in a fire that you created yourself.

This type of fire pit will provide many years of leisure and fun. The only thing that make some people to think twice when building one is that it is a permanent structure. You cannot move it around and use the space it occupies for other purpose, yet, there are alternatives.

If mobility is what you need, then, a portable metal fire pit and its cousin fire bowl are the best option. These heating fixtures comes in many sizes, styles, and decorative designs that of course come at a higher price. If the amusement of fire is all you need, you can go with plain metal bowls. If you are very concerned with safety from flying embers and sparks, buy one with screened lid.

Mobility or portability is the great benefit of this type. Like a patio heater, you can move it and place it to any spot in your patio or backyard to recreate the best of campfire. Then store it for safety when not in use or when winter comes.

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