Sunday, February 6, 2011

Creating a Tropical Patio

Endless tropical leisure can be enjoyed at home. This can be possible by transforming a patio into a tropical paradise. Imagine now enjoying the breeze and that smooth ambiance of tropics without travelling. You'll always love to come home for a relaxation after a tiring day. This simple patio setup literally brings the look and feel to the area. It will be easy to clear the area first before designing for you to think clearly how will the finished setup looks. The design will be determined on how you want to enjoy the area. Though there are recommended settings but enjoyment is about personal preference, make it yours.

First thing in mind when thinking of tropical plants are the palms, bamboos, and vines. You have two options when adding plants to a patio, either plant them directly to the ground or to a pot. I recommend potted plants to make it easy to move and transfer them whenever you need to change or rearrange the setup. Other plants that can be added are the ornamental banana's and flowers. The plants are beneficial, they add freshness and tropical fragrance to the patio.

The other thing in common of tropical environment is the availability water. It comes in a variety of forms such as a lake, a river or waterfalls, a pond, and a beach. Of course, we cannot add the original forms. But we can easily create or buy a miniature form of these water feature to the patio.

Any patio furniture will do but it will be nice if you add some kind with a touch of tropical design. A wood or wicker patio furniture will give a natural look. In case you already have a patio furniture and you want it to have a tropical look, you may add a cushion or change the covers that goes with the style. Adding an outdoor umbrella is also nice for the setup. Look for neutral colored umbrella that goes with the green color of tropics such as whites, yellows, and shades of pink and red. Another umbrella type that's relevant to the theme is a tiki or a thatch umbrella.

Having a tropical setup is not limited to the outlook only but also to the ambiance. Tropical is always moderate in temperature. To complete the setup, we need to control the temperature especially in the cold areas. A modern outdoor heater in which you can adjust the output can do the tricks. An outdoor fire pit or fire bowl is a nice one for a night in the patio.

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