Sunday, February 20, 2011

How Do You Design Your Patio - The Flooring

A patio is usually built for several purposes such as personal relaxation, a cozy outdoor place to receive guests, and as a cool venue for a celebration and get-together. There are lots of design ideas that can fulfill different needs. Here are some patio floor design ideas to help make your patio worthy for your purpose.

Generally a patio is paved which extends from your house doorstep to the outer part. The pavement plays a greater role in designing the patio for a specific theme. And there are many types of patio flooring to choose from and each one creates different effects to the design. Building the floor is a lot of fun too, you can show your artistic talent in building a unique patio floor.

Stone, this flooring style is nice when creating natural scenery or garden. Imagine yourself relaxing under a patio umbrella in a tropical scene but just right in your patio. Building is easy, you can just lay the stone on the ground and design it freely. Stone types can be soap stone, granite, limestone, and many other faux stones.

Bricks, this helps you design the flooring freely as bricks can be arranged in any way because they are small. It allows a designer to create different shapes of flooring and combination of colors.

Tile, this allows the creation of smooth and clean flooring. This type is durable as it is fixed on the floor.

These fragmented materials which includes stones, bricks, and tiles can create a unique flooring. With these the design possibilities are numerous, you can mimic the natural scenery or large mosaic in your patio floor.

Concrete can make a bigger plain patio floor for your patio furniture, a clean and sleek flooring, great for modern designing. You may also put stamps to it to create unique floor effects.

Woods, this flooring is usually made for decks. But is also possible to build a patio with wood, just build it like we did on decks but lower it to the ground to create the patio design. Wood patio is also nice when creating a romantic and classic setup. Wooden patio furniture are a great complement to this setup. This flooring usually needs roof but you may also choose not to use. Just make sure that the wood floor is properly sealed against outdoor elements. You may use a temporary shade if needed such as sun shade sails or large patio umbrellas.

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