Sunday, March 25, 2012

Best Umbrella for Best Summer

Summer is here and the outdoor is glowing with colors. Lit up by the bright sunlight the surroundings will be rejuvenated bringing it back to an environment full of life. It is the best time of the year to have a break and enjoy the warm outdoors. This warm giving season will also bring a bit of downtime to your patio heaters and fireplaces.

Many of us love to spend this opportunity in outdoor escapades. Some would love to enjoy sunbathing and swimming in beaches whiles others would want to enjoy an inland adventure. But wherever we may choose be, while there is sunlight, we still need a shade for protection when the beating is at its peak.

The sun gives life but there are real reasons why we still need a protection. These considerations do not limit our enjoyment under the sun however. For the biggest part, we can enjoy the summer's sight, sounds, and outdoor activity ideas without exposing our skin.

The beating of sunlight is not friendly all the time. There are periods of the day especially at noontime when the sunlight is very hot that it hurts our skin. Sun burnt skin is the common effects of longer exposure to intense sunlight. Even more so, without knowing, UV Rays can give severe damages and may lead to cancer if not taken cared of.

Aside from sunblock creams, sun shades should be available, in fact, they give better protection. Though there are several types of protective sun blockers, outdoor shade sails are useful too, the best type of shade that is practical to outdoor getaways these days is an outdoor umbrella. But because there are so many types of umbrellas and there are lots of options, choosing the best one becomes a difficult task. With some helpful guide we choose to share, the difficulty should become lesser.

Here are some useful tips to guide you on selecting the best umbrella for this summer.

Consider the skin health factor first! Select an umbrella that repels most of the suns'  harmful UV Rays. Reducing glare can help but the harmful UV Rays are invisible and may pass through the barriers of ordinary fabrics. Find outdoor patio umbrellas or beach umbrellas that has a canopy made of UV treated fabric like Sunbrella.

Safety is very important too so durability should not be taken for granted. Outdoors especially at the beach have an unpredictable weather condition. Heavy wind blows may come suddenly and may carry the umbrella away and whatever comes up must come down. Lucky if the umbrella will land safely without causing damage to properties and people. Make sure that the outdoor umbrella can endure strong wind blows and provide it with heavy duty stand or base.

Portability. For sure outdoor patio umbrellas are portable but for summer getaways, buy umbrellas that are light weight and can be dismantled easily. On the other hand, patio umbrella bases are made heavy of course but you can find hollow types made of resin which can be filled with sand or water whenever you use them, very handy.

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