Monday, March 12, 2012

Synthetic Versus Natural Plants, Which is Better for Your Patio?

Natural is really the best way to go, ever since. We choose to go natural for our health and for our environment. But there are some situations that this will not be true and practical. In short, going natural is a case-to-case basis. To better understand this issue, let us examine what really are the difference between natural and synthetic.

Natural plants are those living that need nourishment to grow and glow. They need water and sunlight through their whole lifetime. Some may need fertilizer in order to bloom as you want them to. They can grow on their own but other elements may prevent them and the growth may be undesirable. They need attention and care from time to time.

Synthetic plants are lifeless, yet they can have lively colors and textures resembling real live plants. Mostly made of different types of plastic such as PVC and resin. You can also see these plastics made into different patio furniture. In fact, most of furniture are made of these synthetic materials which include wicker patio furniture and resin plastic chairs. We know from this reality that there are negative environmental effects from manufacturing to trashing. Aside from that, they don’t contribute to a healthy atmosphere.

Now, let this guide help you decide which way to choose. Yet, still your option is not limited to purely synthetic or natural. It is wiser to combine these and choose the right one for a right place.

All Natural
If you love nature and want to contribute saving our environment then choosing all natural plants is your best choice.

The sacrifices and the efforts you need to do are;
  • you can not build more or large shades and roofing in your patio
  • you need to take out some of your limited time to take care of the plants
  • you need to allocate money for the maintenance of the plants

Nevertheless, your sacrifices and efforts are really well worth it.

All Synthetic
The main reason behind choosing synthetic plants is the limitations. One could have a limited amount of time and money. In today’s lifestyle, our time even for ourselves and family is not enough sometimes. The other reason is that our patio design and landscape is not suitable. Natural plants cannot live or are not suited under a shade such  as outdoor umbrellas.

You just cannot get the benefits of fresh ambiance of natural plants even if it look real. In other words, good for the eyes only. Yet, you can have a beautiful patio that is hassle-free and cost less to maintain.

Combined Natural and Synthetic
It is very common today that most of us have both natural and synthetic plants in our patio. Synthetic plants are inexpensive and very easy to find now. And, there are way to enjoy the goodness of real plants in all types of patio design these days.

Plants have different maintenance needs and sunlight is the most limited plant need in a patio. Here are some tips;
  • leave an open space for plants that require more sunlight
  • if sunlight is really limited, choose plants that have less sunlight need
  • indoor plants are also a good choice
  • use retractable shades and patio umbrellas so that you can close them to let the sunshine in

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