Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ideas for a Greener Patio

A greener patio does not literally mean by painting it with more green color. It means by planting more naturally growing live plants. But you can do the painting too anyway.

Plants have a lot of benefits. In fact, we cannot live well without them. They gave us food and fresh air to breathe. Having some of these greens to the patio can enhance the ambiance and the design. They can add more life to it.

Success in patio decorating involves planning ahead. Determine how you want your outdoor place looks and feels. This time, our goal is to create a greener patio. This is simply similar to gardening but the steps are slightly different for your patio.

Patio Design
If you are designing your patio for the very first time or you want to completely start a new patio setup, it is better to start with natural stone pavers and use wooden materials for construction. If it is possible, leave a little space of ground soil and for a little pond. This type of setup is very suitable for various plants.

The Cover or Shade
Any type of shade or patio cover will work, but it is better if you have a pergola or gazebos in which it would be easy to add plants on them.

Depending on your patio design and space size, you can use a patio umbrella, shade sail, or awning. For a unique look that could match with the addition of plants, a tiki umbrella is great.

The Furniture Sets
Among all patio furniture types, wooden and wicker patio furniture sets are the best choice. Other types will also do too; it is just a matter of adding accessories to make them look more suitable for a garden themed patio.

The D├ęcor Accents
Adding decorative accents improves patio design and the setup would become more interesting. As I have said earlier, you can add accessories to patio furniture set so that it can go well with the greener patio design. For example, you can add matching cushions or pillows to wicker patio furniture set.

The Greens
Now let us make our patio greener. We can this by doing some gardening. Although we can reserve some ground space for plants, it can also be achieved by using potted plants only and this way is best for patio decorating especially if you have an existing patio design.

There are so many plants that you can choose but you need to be careful. You need to determine what kind of plant is suitable for your patio design. Every other plant of its kind has a different level of sunlight, soil, and water requirement. Knowing these, you can pick which plant goes to the ground, to the pots, to the waters, and to be hung. And you can choose which will go well under the shade with less sun exposure.

Making a patio greener is easy. Using potted plants, you can easily and instantly convert a patio to enjoy nature’s goodness. These are just simple ideas tips. If you have some more to add, please share it by posting comments below.

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  1. We have the cutest patio, and I think it could be so much more than it is now, if we spruced it up a little bit. Adding a new furniture set would be great because right now, the furniture that we have right now, is a little old, and it doesn't add to what the patio could be. Also, I love the idea of having an awning for shade. We're always having people over during the summer time, but no one every wants to go on the patio because there's no shade. I think by taking a couple of your suggestions, we could make our patio into the place to be!
    Sara Welsh | http://www.suburbanconstruction.com/products-awnings.html