Monday, September 3, 2012

What Really is a Market Umbrella?

The definition of a market umbrella is somewhat confusing though many articles are made to provide information. Now let us try to describe a market umbrella in just as simple as it possibly can.

Patio Umbrella versus Market Umbrella
Let us do a little comparison between a patio umbrella and a market umbrella like most writers do. Many people are being confused by these terms yet they are easy to differentiate.

The name “patio umbrella” is a general term that refers to outdoor umbrellas specifically manufactured to be used in a patio or outdoor space. Other outdoor umbrella names just refer to styles and materials used and that include our subject, market umbrella.

Here are other styles of patio umbrellas:
  • Offset Umbrellas also known as Cantilever Umbrellas
  • Wind Resistant Umbrellas
  • Tiki and Thatch Umbrellas
  • Wood Umbrellas
  • Aluminum Umbrellas
  • Tilting Umbrellas
  • Wall Mount Umbrellas
  • Others are named according to their canopy shape.

Beach umbrella is also another style but it is not commonly referred to as patio umbrella.

Some people are properly naming these styles by appending the term “patio umbrella” to the style name, that is, “offset patio umbrella” or “aluminum patio umbrella”.

Just keep in mind that the name “market umbrella” is just another distinct style of patio umbrella. This helps to better understand the differences between a patio umbrella and a market umbrella.

Market Umbrella Distinct Features
The style of market umbrella is considered more modern than a traditional patio umbrella.  We will see it by its distinct features.

Wind Vent at the top – Yes it is modern. This feature adds a unique style to the umbrella and has advantages. It allows the breeze to pass through at the top to maintain a smooth flow. It serves as an escape vent for stronger wind blows to lessen the force.

No Valance – Yes it is modern because the valance looks a little old fashion. Without it, the umbrella looks sleek and modern. A market umbrella will be the best choice to use with modern patio furniture and outdoor decoration. By the way, a valance is a skirting at the edges of an umbrella canopy.

Market umbrellas were first known made of wooden poles and ribs. But today, they are available in aluminum, the more durable fiberglass, or a combination of these materials. Wood market umbrellas are still very popular though.

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