Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Types of Patio Umbrella Bases and Stands Information

A patio umbrella base or stand is just one part of an outdoor umbrella. Yet, it is an important component that makes an umbrella usable. It holds the umbrella on the ground and keeps it standing still. That is why choosing the right weight and pole fitting is very important when buying.

Moreover, there is more to patio umbrella bases than just keeping an umbrella standing on the ground. Most of them have aesthetical qualities that are helpful in patio decoration. Choosing the right style, color, and finish that would match with the existing patio furniture makes a patio umbrella even more attractive.

There are several types of patio umbrella bases. Though they serve the same purpose, they are just made different for different types of applications and for convenience sake.

We already know a typical patio umbrella base which has a heavy weight. Some of these, especially the heavier ones have built-in wheels for easy mobility.

Here are the other types:

Table Clamp
Table clamp type umbrella base can be clamped on a table or any other hard surface. This can firmly secure and stabilize an umbrella using the weight of a bar table or a round table. This umbrella stand is very suitable to use in windy areas because it gains more strength by using the weight and stability of a table.

Sand Auger
Sand auger outdoor umbrella stand enables to use any outdoor umbrellas as a beach umbrella. Just screw it in the sand, voilĂ , a stable and secure umbrella base. Very practical, you do not have to buy a new beach umbrella, just use this with any of your existing umbrella and you are good to go beaching.

The fillable umbrella bases are designed for convenience. It takes away the burden of carrying a heavy base starting from buying to transporting. Traveling an umbrella with base together to outdoors will be much easier by just emptying the weight of the base.

Also, there are umbrella bases made for special types of patio umbrellas.

Off-the-wall umbrella base is specially designed for off-the-wall outdoor umbrellas.

Offset umbrella base is specifically designed to meet the need of counter-balancing the weight of an offset umbrella.


  1. A patio umbrella base or stand is just one part of an outdoor umbrella. Yet, it is an important component that makes an umbrella usable. It holds ...

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