Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Best of Wicker Patio Furniture

Wicker patio furniture items are made of woven flexible plant twigs or branches. They are usually made from willow, reed, or rattan. However, synthetic wicker is now also widely used to manufacture furniture sets.
Built on frames, they are usually patterned to form different styles of furniture, from a simple chair to a luxurious furniture set. Design possibilities are numerous in which more design principles can be applied such as classic, contemporary, and minimalism.

The two material types of wicker outdoor furniture, natural and synthetic, have certain distinct qualities.

Natural wickers have been part of the furniture luxury for its beauty and comfort. They are also known for durability and strength. Though they can work well in an outdoor setup, they can be affected by the outdoor elements. That is why synthetic types are now in demand for outdoor applications. Synthetic wicker is usually made from resin material which is weather resistant that can be placed in most outdoor conditions.

Resin material is very flexible which is why resin wicker furniture comes in many designs including those that are hard to achieve with plant wicker. This material has a lot of characteristics applicable even for harsh outdoor situations. These include resistance to fade, ultra violet rays, heat, and frost.

Synthetic wickers are easy to clean and require less maintenance. To clean the dirt caused naturally, you can just wipe it out and hose it down even without the use of special cleaning agents.

The beauty of wicker patio furniture sets can add an attractive view in the patio. There are lots of designs, styles and colors to mix and match with any patio design theme. Wicker sets usually come with comfortable padding, but you can also add a matching outdoor cushion for additional comfort and style that help make a relaxing setup.

Adding a shade such as an outdoor umbrella or an outdoor awning is very helpful for your patio setup. Patio relaxing can be more safe and fun when you know you are protected. Also, a large patio umbrella will give an additional protection to the wicker set from the sun and rain.

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