Monday, August 13, 2012

Buy Customized Outdoor Umbrella

Another great way to choose the best outdoor umbrella that answers a need for a shade is to buy customized. Many online stores now offer the flexibility in choosing the most suitable umbrella parts, colors, and styles you need or want. You can visit to try how it works and get to know more about other types of patio umbrellas. But if you prefer to buy from a real, brick-and-mortar store, this is very doable but you have to keep a list of important specifications to avoid mismatching of the different umbrella parts and components.

This style of patio umbrella buying has few advantages compared to buying a packaged one. With this buying style, you are free to choose which patio umbrella parts are best suited for your type of environment and setup.

Umbrella Canopy
The umbrella canopy or the covering fabric is the most important part of an umbrella. It gives protection against the harmful sunlight and the rain. There is now an umbrella fabric that can block the harmful UV rays of the sun. This UV protective canopy must be the choice for maximum sun protection.

However, the use of an outdoor umbrella is more than just for a shade but for patio decoration also. And the beauty of an umbrella is recognized mostly by its canopy or the covering part. So choosing a suitable canopy color, design, and style is also essential in achieving the desired patio design. Some patio umbrella canopies are uniquely made for a special type of patio setup. One example is a tiki thatch canopy which is best if you want a tropical outdoor setup.

Patio Umbrella Base or Stand Option
Choosing the most appropriate patio umbrella base or stand is crucial to the safety of the umbrella, the properties around, and the people as well. The base will hold the umbrella to keep it standing in place. Make it sure that base is heavy enough to hold the umbrella against wind blows.

Some umbrellas come pre-packaged with the base, but when it is custom ordered, you can select which is best for your patio umbrella. There are a few types of base or stand, the freestanding, sand auger, and the mountable. Choose free standing if moving the umbrella is frequent and choose mountable if you need greater strength. The sand auger is specially made for beach umbrellas.

Some outdoor umbrella bases, especially the heavier ones, have built-in wheels making it easy to move from one place to another. So you do not have to worry much about the hassle.

Additionally, the best way to choose the right umbrella is to start from the pole and frame type. Decide whether you need an offset umbrella, wall mount, or just a conventional umbrella. From there you can custom select the canopy and base.

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