Monday, October 29, 2012

Tips on Patio Furniture Arrangement

A patio is not just an extra space where we can spend some time for relaxing and unwinding. It is also an important feature at home where we can receive guests, hold a party, celebrate occasions, and family get-together. That is why choosing a good design and decoration is important in creating a patio.

One simple thing that affects the patio design and decoration is the patio furniture arrangement. It can be done in many ways to make a relaxing, entertaining, and spacious outdoor space.

Visualize First
It is a lot easier to first visualize a layout and design for the arrangement of your patio before doing the actual work. It can be done by pen-and-paper, computer graphics, and with the imagination. Doing so gives many benefits such as the following.
  • Lessen the time and energy wasted.
  • Avoid furniture wear and tear which happens in rearranging.
  • Discover and avoid possible future patio design flaws.
  • Come up with the right patio furniture type.

Placement Tips
The key rule in placing patio furniture pieces is to make sure that people will face to the direction where the focal point is. This is very useful especially if you are creating your own focal point so that you and your guest will enjoy it.

A circling seat layout is great for highlighting a centerpiece such as a dazzling fire pit. This is also useful so that you can chat with everyone comfortably. It also helps you fully utilize a patio heater that warms up all direction.

Same as circling, an arching layout is also great where all can comfortably chat and enjoy a view at the same time.

Helpful Reminders
Keeping enough space is an important thing to remember when designing a patio. A patio is created for one purpose, that is, to have a comfortable and free outdoor place. Allow some space around and in between the items. It not only makes it easy for people to move around but also promotes better air circulation for a better ambiance.

If you are using a patio umbrella, do not be limited by the shade size and shape. Go with your arrangement because modern outdoor umbrellas are available in large sizes and in different shapes and styles.

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