Monday, November 5, 2012

How to Maximize an Electric Fireplace's Potential

A warm home is really the sweetest place we can have during winter and on cold nights. After the struggle in the chilly outdoors, nothing can be sweeter than to come to the comfort of a warm home.

However, a home is not naturally warm. We have to make it and the best companion for transforming our home into the most comfortable and warm-giving space is a fireplace.

Since the old times, we can enjoy the comfort of warmth by burning wood into the fireplace furnace. But modern living limits us from using this old trusted way. This is even prohibited in some residential areas or communities. But then again, just like the old saying, “if there’s a will, there’s a way.”

If you really need to warm your home and there are prohibitions or restrictions, there still are real solutions. You can choose to use gas heaters or electric fireplaces. These two offer warmth at differing rate with the gas heaters being the most powerful at giving heat, but the common option for indoors is the electric fireplaces because they are safer. Additionally, electric fireplaces have features that can mimic the look and feel of a real wood burning fireplace.

There are many ways that we can do to maximize the heating capacity of electric fireplaces though. Being the safest heating appliance for indoors, we have the flexibility to do anything to optimize its potential.

To maximize, it is not just done from the unit itself but also by how we prepare the room where it will be used. Check these additional tips.

Electric Fireplace Placement
Electric fireplaces and heaters are plug-and-play units. They are portable and mobile, can moved from one place to another, and all you need is an electric outlet. These features are very helpful in maximizing their potential. You just need to find the right spot where the heat can easily be distributed. It is recommended to place them facing to the direction where you usually stay to instantly enjoy the warmth.

Check the Unit’s Air Vents
Electric fireplaces are generally fan forced and disperse heat out through a ventilator or opening. The vents have screens or cover with little holes for safety purposes. Check and make sure these openings are not clogged or covered with dirt and dust.

Clear Blockage
Because electric fireplaces are generally fan forced, the heat generated is dispersed out to warm the room. Check to see if drapes or other furniture items block its front side. Make sure that the warm air freely flows out.

Room Leaks
Leaks can work in two ways, either warm air escapes, or cold air comes inside the room. Seal any leaks that you can find.

Room Insulation
Insulation is a general rule in building a safe room. Better double check and make sure that insulation is good enough against cold temperature penetration.

In addition to electric fireplaces, there are portable electric patio heaters. These little heater are great for outdoor heating but can also be used indoors.

Modern electric fireplaces have beautiful designs, from classical to modern. This is a big help in room decorating.

If you have more tips, we would be so glad if you share it by adding in the comments below.

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