Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Beautiful Backyard Privacy Tips

Privacy is our right. There are just things that we do that we do not want others see or know. In a backyard or patio, we usually want to relax privately sitting in a patio chair or lying down in a comfortable outdoor cushion.

Fences are our first line of privacy at home. But not all fences are made the same, some does not provide enough privacy, and some are too much that they make an area more like of a confined space.

However, there are solutions to these inconveniences and we can have a beautiful backyard.

Common short fences are about three to four feet. These heights are good enough for providing clear line of boundaries of your property and locking in children and pets. It makes you a good neighbor.

Fences as short as these may provide a little privacy and security. But if you want a more private space, you do not need to replace it with a taller one just for privacy. There are other ways to achieve it. You can do the gardening or buying privacy screens for a quicker solution.

Gardening plants such as shrubs and vines can help you get a natural and beautiful privacy.

Shrubs are shorter that trees and typically grow above six feet with multiple stems. Planting a layer of shrubs along fences makes a good cover for privacy. As a bonus, you have contributed for a greener earth and the shrubs also add freshness to the ambiance of your backyard.

Vines and climbing plants such as Climbing Roses also make a great addition to privacy. You can make trellises taller than the fences or as an extension to it. The plants grow on them and make a beautiful cover.

However, if you want a quick solution or planting is not even applicable to you, then you can buy privacy screens. You can find them in a patio umbrella and shade sails shops and the good thing is that you can get good designs for your backyard.

Typical tall fences are from six feet up to eight feet. These sizes are really best for privacy and security but staying in a place where all you can see are the corners of the fence is not even comfortable. It feels like you are in a confined space or imprisoned.

However, there are things we can do to alter the look and feel of an enclosed area.

Since the fence is what makes your space looked more of a confined space, you can change it by adding some decorations. In fact, fences can become a center of attraction in a backyard.

Again, climbing plants become useful in this task, however, hanging plants in a container has become more in practice these days.

Add some decorations to the fence that go well with the patio furniture items to add depth to the setup. Also, framed decorations are great items to hang in the fence because they will create an illusion of a window eliminating the feeling of a confined space.

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