Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tips on Preparing a Home for the Winter

Winter is not an easy season for most of us. We have to make certain preparations to make life easy and comfortable. Getting ready for this season does help us survive the harsh environment and would also be a wise move to getting ready for the next season change.

Our home is a sweet place during this season, and it can be sweeter when prepared by cleaning it up, decorate it, and warm it up. So here are helpful tips to get going.

Clean Up and Repair
Cleaning is a regular task, but sometimes there are little things we miss so we need to make a general clean up all around the house. Cleaning up in preparation for winter also includes removing and storing items that are not necessary for the season. Doing so allows you to check any damages so that they can be repaired early to avoid more problems.

Pay special attention to your roof and gutters. Unclog and remove debris so that melting snow and ice easily drains away. Make repairs even to just a little damage because water can easily find a way to enter causing problems.

Clean your chimneys and clear clogs so that it works smoothly and smoke flows up to the outside easily. Clear the immediate surrounding area of the fireplace to avoid fire hazard.

Do not forget to your patio or backyard items. Cover and store away your patio furniture items and sun shade sails to keep them safe so that they maintain a good shape for the next season. Wash and completely dry your patio umbrella before putting to storage to avoid molds. The outdoor chairs and outdoor cushions can be stored away but they can also be used to provide additional seats to your indoors.

As your home becomes a safe and sweet haven for the winter, it deserves a makeover to make it even sweeter. Incorporate warm textured items for room decoration, it adds to the warm ambiance.

Christmas, which happens just in time of winter, is another reason to add more embellishment to your home. Traditionally we add a Christmas Tree as an attraction. We put wreaths and lights everywhere to make a joyful environment.

Warm Up
After cleaning and securing your fireplace as mentioned above, make sure you have enough stock of wood for the entire cold season.

Alternatively, you can use the modern way of room warming. Either you can use an electric fireplace, or a gas fireplace. If you need something that you can use outside the house, then you can also use a portable patio heater.

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