Monday, February 11, 2013

Patio Heater Safety Tips

It is desirable to relax in a patio or deck where the space is more breathable with the sweet breeze of fresh air. But when chilly season comes or when the temperature of each night becomes so cool, life outside can become uncomfortable. To extend the outdoor enjoyment, all we need is a patio heater.

There are a few types of outdoor heaters such as electric patio heaters and propane outdoor heaters. All these heat sources require proper use and maintenance for safety. Talking about safety, most heater related fires are attributed to indoor space heaters and fireplaces and seldom to patio heaters. But patio heater safety should not be taken for granted. Accidents can happen and unexpectedly most of the time, so better safe than sorry. Here are some useful patio heater safety tips.

Avoid Overheating
Overheating is the common cause of damage to electric appliances and other related accidents. Do not overload an electric outlet most especially extension wires. Plug your patio heater directly into a wall outlet as much as possible.

Keep Away from Flammable and Light Materials
Electric patio heaters make a warm place from a heated element while propane and gas patio heaters generate heat from fire. All of them can start a fire if not used properly which is also why it is important to always read user manuals and follow instructions. Basically, flammable and light materials such as curtains, drapes, rugs, and even some patio furniture and outdoor cushions should be kept way from them. Even patio shades and covers including patio umbrellas and shade sails should be higher above the heaters.

Kids and Pets Safety
Choose those that are designed safe for kids or pets. Most patio heaters these days have safety features such as glass doors, screen doors, anti tip feature. Always make sure that they are locked and secured.

Keep Dry
Keep your patio heater units dry. Place them in place there are no moisture and water because these elements may damage the unit when in contact.

Pay special attention to electric patio heaters. Water and moisture can easily damage the unit and may put you in danger. Do not use the electric heater when it gets wet even just a little amount of water. Be sure to dry it completely or have it checked by a technician.

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