Friday, February 22, 2013

Backyard Green Cleaning and its Benefits

Over the years, we all have realized that we can contribute to the protection of our environment by going green. Knowing its significance and benefits, new innovative ways are invented to reduce the negative impacts caused by our daily activities that harm our environment. There are innovations in new vehicles, tools, and appliances as well aimed to make them energy conservative and harmless. Backyard green cleaning is one way that we can do at home for the good of our environment.

Green cleaning is an effective way to clean our backyard or patio without harming or our environment. No special tools required in this, in fact, tools and solutions can be made out of mostly common household items. There are many green cleaning ways that have been developed just at home and shared by generous people. They are available in many places especially in the internet. All you have to do is find them.

Backyard green cleaning has a lot of benefits aside for being environmentally friendly.
  • First, it is better to clean this way if you have delicate plants, pets, or fishes around. Avoid contaminating their place with toxic chemicals.
  • Second, it is for our protection. The danger of harmful and toxic chemicals is really serious. Frequent exposure is not good for our health. Avoid harmful chemicals by using natural products or common household items.
  • Lastly, these common products are inexpensive compared to special chemical formulas. Green cleaning includes ways of conserving resources like water and electricity. In short, we can save a lot of money.

We will give you some basic tips to know what green cleaning formulas to find for your backyard green cleaning.

Baking soda or bicarbonate of soda is very well known to remove odors. At the very basic form, you can sprinkle the powder into outdoor cushions, pillows, outdoor rugs, and other patio furniture items that have a fabric. Leave it for about 30 minutes and vacuum clean it afterwards to remove the odor.

Other mixture of baking soda can be used in cleaning surfaces and removing stains.

Be careful, do not buy baking powder, it is a different thing. Although it contains baking soda, it has other acidic ingredient that acts differently.

Vinegar contains acid that is effective at removing mineral deposits, soap scum,  and molds. It helps soften fabrics and aids soap to wash away dirt and stain easily. So next time you wash your patio umbrella, shade sail, or awning, try adding one-half cup vinegar to a bucket of water.

Table salt can be used for scouring and can absorb grease on wooden furniture surfaces.

There are so many uses of natural and common household products. With the right amount, type, and formulation, you might be surprised that your backyard green cleaning can be done with just these items found in your kitchen.

Natural and green cleaning products are now available in stores. However, it is more fun to make your own formulation. Good luck!

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