Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tips on Removing Chewing Gum

Kids love candies and chewing gum is one of their favorite. But most parents less favored this kind of sweets for kids because of one particular reason especially when at home, sticky mess. Among other types of stain that kids create, gum sticky mess is hard or even difficult to remove without affecting the surface where it stuck.

After chewing kids, usually just throw the gum away may not remember where it goes especially when playing around. The little ones might play with it and stick the gum anywhere. You might find them in your wall, sofa sets, outdoor furniture, rugs, and carpets. Stuck chewing gums do not look good and even do not feel good when you sit or step on it. It becomes disgusting as it also collects dirt.

There are different ways to remove a stuck chewing gum and you may have your own solution. But, here are quick sticky gum cleaning tips to make it easy and avoid the problem from getting worst.

Just cool it down. Make the gum hard and stiff enough making it easy to break off and pull out. Place an ice, cubes or crushed, in a bag and let it sit on top of the gum to cool it. After ten to twenty minutes, pull out the gum. Break it off into pieces if it stuck on the fibers.

When removing a chewing gum from a carpet or outdoor rugs, be careful and avoid pulling out the fibers as much as possible. Repeat the process if there are remaining bits and then wash the stain with warm water and mild soap.

If you need to brush off the remaining gum residues, use the good old toothbrush. Using warm water and mild detergent, the tiny bristles can remove stubborn gum deposits.

The sooner, the better. Once you see a chewing gum sticking, remove it as fast as possible. If you let it in the surface longer, it will dry out and make the bond stronger.

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