Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How To Make Your Patio Concrete Look New

An old patio concrete looks dull, pretty boring, and maybe untidy. Sometimes, we do not notice it especially if your patio has a lot of patio furniture and fixtures around. It can also be concealed with by a large carpet you put on the floor. But in reality, it makes your patio space a lot less interesting.

If you are worried about it and want a change, then, there are foolproof solutions.

What about pressure washing? Yes, it will work, but not enough. If you have tried it and found not satisfying, then it’s time to consider the solutions that guarantee great outcome.

Concrete Staining
Concrete staining is an inexpensive way to change an old patio making it new once again. It is basically similar to painting that effective change the color and appearance of your patio concrete. However, the procedure, materials, and coating solutions are entirely different.

Concrete stains available in the market today come in many colors. With the right combination, the colors can simulate many types of finishes for the concrete such as stone and even wood colors.

There are many effects that can possibly achieved with concrete staining. At the very basic, you can make the whole patio concrete a huge slab of marble. But with the wild imagination, an entirely different appearance can be created. You can make grooves or cut on the concrete to make it look like a tiled floor. Stain each block with different colors to mimic a checkerboard. You can also make geometric shapes and stain each piece to create a structured or abstract design. You can find many concrete patio design ideas to start in the internet.

Concrete Resurfacing
Resurfacing a patio concrete is a very different approach. This type of transformation is more expensive, but it yields great and solid result. It adds a new layer of concrete, thus, giving the concrete a new look and feel.

Also, resurfacing is the only best solution if you want to change or improve the surface texture of your patio concrete. But please note that it does not fix damages even for small cracks. They are especially made for surface improvement only. You have to repair the damages first with additional cement or with concrete sealant.

Concrete resurfacers has the same color of newly poured concrete, gray. But you can add colorants to make a different concrete surface. With different colors, you can also simulate different flooring effects like tiled and stone finish.

Either of these solutions, you can give a new look for your patio. Making a new patio concrete finish is very helpful to recreate the mood of your patio. With so many finishes achievable, you can easily make a new look that matches with your existing set of patio furniture and fixtures such as metallic, teak, or wicker patio furniture sets.

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