Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Patio Paver Materials and Their Advantages

Laying patio pavers can be really easy or very difficult depending on the type of materials, let alone skills. There are a number of different types of materials to choose from in which each of them has different ways to build. The easy way can be just laying the materials down on the ground similar to assembling a jigsaw puzzle, and the harder way would require some masonry skills.

There are factors to consider when choosing the right paver material. First, it should mix and match with your house because a patio is an extension to your home and it should not look odd. Then you can choose the right surface texture and color.

We would love to consider the cost, cheaper is better, but it can affect the quality and durability. It would only add very little value to your property.

Here is a list of patio paver materials:

Concrete is slightly cheaper and is a good start in building a patio. At the very basic, it can give you a solid and plain base for your patio furniture and fixtures.  However, its versatility made it famous. It can be made into different finishes and textures that you can imagine. Possible textures can be done in many ways such as brushed, acid washed, and stamped. Effects like brick, flagstone, and other stone and decorative patterns can be achieved with stamping.

Tiles come in many types, textures, and colors. Texture ranges from a very smooth surface to rough stone-like features. With the right type, you can also simulate different effects such as bricks and stones.

This type must be the choice if you want a smooth and fine finished patio.

Brick pavers are classic and has been the popular choice for a long time. A creative mind can get the most out it because bricks of different shapes and colors can create endless design possibilities.

Bricks can help create a cozy ambiance through the classic and traditional appearance. They are also great for creating a garden patio.

For nature lovers, stones are great for simulating or emphasizing a nature inspired patio landscape. There is a wide array of stone types with different textures, shapes, sizes, and even colors to help create a unique patio environment.

Stones like limestone, sandstone, slate, and granite are most widely used. You are lucky if you are located near quarries because they are cheaper there, otherwise, they are costly. However, a well designed patio created with these stones adds a significant value to your property.

Anyway, you can combine some of these materials to create your patio. A combination of several types might even yield greater results. Imagine sitting on a lounge chair under a lovely patio umbrella in your fine tiled patio with stone pebbled borders. Or relaxing under a tiki umbrella in your tropical-themed stone patio. There lots of design ideas around. You can find more of them in the internet.

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