Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Keeping Your Patio Dry in Winter

Why do you have to keep your patio dry?

There are several reasons why we should keep our patio dry. One of them is that water or some moisture can easily ruin the color, texture, and durability of some types of pavers or concrete. Moisture can also make mold and green algae appear on some parts of your patio. These doesn’t look good for your patio design and they make troubles at the same time.

Here are some solutions that you can make:

Retractable Awning and Outdoor Umbrellas
You can install an all-weather retractable awning to cover your patio. It should provide a cover against meltwater and snow. The best thing about retractable awning is that you can pull back the canopy to expose and let your patio dry under the sun whenever available.

An outdoor or patio umbrella would also help you put some cover on your patio. A large one can provide enough protective shade for your patio and the outdoor furniture items in it. You can also take its canopy down to let your patio dry under the sun.

Shade Structure
You can also erect a permanent structure such as pergolas and gazebos to protect your patio. Building the structures would cost more time, effort, and money, but you can enjoy this stable and beautiful shade a long time.

Temporary Shelter or Tent
Setting up a temporary shelter or tent is an easier and quicker solution. It will provide a sure protection but you may not be able to use your outdoor space for a while. Besides, keeping your patio and outdoor furniture items dry is more important in this season.

Tips on Drying and Protecting
Keeping your patio completely dry is not entirely possible. There are other elements that make it wet aside from snow and meltwater. Winter is still humid so it also adds moisture to your patio. As said before, mold and greens can grow on wet places which can ruin some spots in your patio.

Here are some tips on how you can protect your patio even more.

Sealing your patio pavers and concrete provides protection against water and sunlight too. It will strengthen the surface and make the color or finish last longer. Sealants can also prevent molds.

There are different types of sealant for each type of material. Ask assistance from you local hardware.

Drying in the sun is free but you need to remove anything that blocks the sunshine.

Use It
Use your patio sometimes in winter, you may not notice but it really helps drying out the moist. And as you use it you introduce some warmth or some heat from your fireplace, patio heater, and from your grilling that helps evaporating water or moist.

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