Saturday, October 26, 2013

Some Helpful Question and Answers About Electric Fireplaces

These are some of the most common questions we found about electric fireplaces.

Q: Do electric fireplaces really look real?
A: Yes but not all.
Modern electric fireplace effects technology have impressively improved. So latest releases are remarkably realistic that would surely fool one’s sight. However, don’t get fooled by too promising ads especially from cheap electric fireplaces. You may end up frustrated by the actual product.

If realism is what you want invest on it. Best electric fireplaces these days have an heirloom quality.

Q: Do electric fireplaces actually work?
A: Yes they really do.
This kind of home appliance have gained acceptance and popularity. They become a necessity especially in urban living where building a traditional fireplace is prohibited or impossible. The notion of being a heater enclosed in a fancy box makes people think they are just made for decoration with a little heating feature. Well, electric appliances cannot be underestimated. Just like cooking stoves, they can even become more powerful and efficient.

Q: Can electric fireplaces lower electric bill?
A: Well they use electricity, thus, they would certainly add to your bills. Alternatively, if the question is if it costs less than gas fuel or wood burning, there is no clear answer for this whether yes or no. The cost of fuels and electricity vary on your location and local rates.

There are factors in which we can say that you can save on cost using an electric fireplace. You can save on cost if you choose the right electric fireplace for your home. Purchase those that have a true zone heating capability, multiple heat settings, and time. Heat only the place where you need it and only the time you need it. Add to that the time and money you saved instead of spending for traditional and gas fireplace maintenance.

Q: How do electric fireplaces work?
A: The most interesting about electric fireplaces is on how they work. They are easy to use, hassle free, and quick heating. They may be shipped unassembled but the pieces can be put together easily. After that, you just plug it, turn on, and enjoy heat. They do not produce soot or ashes so no hassle maintaining the unit.

Aside from heating, a fireplace is also a decorative addition for your room design.

The same as portable outdoor patio heaters, there are electric fireplaces built with wheels. You can move them easily from room to room enjoying the looks and warmth of a fireplace where you wanted.

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