Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tips on How to Choose a Patio Heater or Fireplace Type

Having a patio heater, an outdoor fireplace, or a fire pit is the best way to extend your time in your patio or deck. An outdoor heat source is a great addition in your outdoor room. It creates a great ambiance and may also make a good centerpiece for your patio or deck design. However, the comfort-giving heat output is the main purpose of it all. Continue reading to help you know if a patio heater or fireplace provides enough heat.

Available Options
First, there are several types of heating source such as patio heaters, fireplaces, and fire pits. They can be powered either by electricity, gas, or wood. Second, there are limitations on what you can build or place in your patio or deck. Perhaps you cannot place the type of heat source you like because it is not advisable in your outdoor room design, or, there are restrictions set by your community or by your home insurance policy. So, we’ll need to know the heat output by type.

Wood Fireplace
Wood fireplace or the traditional fireplace fueled with wood can also be built for patio or deck. The amount of heat depends on several factors such as the size of the fireplace and its design. The heat output can also be affected by the breeze or air flow of the outdoor environment. It cannot give off enough heat to a large group of people and the heat is very minimal in an outdoor setup. This type of heat source is fully effective only in an enclosed outdoor room. Otherwise, you have to sit close to the heat source to get the heat for comfort.

Fire Pit and Fire Bowl

A fire pit or fire bowl is another traditionally used heat source. The heat is generated by burning wood, and, you can also use other safe combustible materials. Also, there are fire pits and fire bowls that allow you to burn gas or organic gel fuels. Simply it has the same effect as wood fireplace, but it heats the surrounding area. It is not advisable for an enclosed space and areas with roofing though it may work better. Use with caution for your safety.

Gas or Gel Fireplace
Gas or gel fueled fireplace as effective as wood fireplace, bigger fire means more heat. The heat output is also be affected by breeze.

Radiant Gas Patio Heater
Radiant Gas Patio Heaters are by far the most effective outdoor heater in terms of giving off more heat. They can be powered by propane, natural gas, or LPG. The heat is radiant so it cannot be affected by the breeze or air and heats objects directly.

Most residential gas patio heaters generate up to approximately 40,000  BTU’s to heat a large portion of a patio or deck. Radiant patio heaters of this rating can cover an area of 15 to 25 feet in diameter.

There are smaller table top versions which can give off approximately 11,000 BTUs to heat an area of up to 7 feet in diameter. Powerful enough to heat the people around a table or sofa. Other commercial types can reach 60,000 BTUs or even higher to heat a large area. However, you can adjust the heat depending on your needs.

Infrared Halogen Heater

Infrared halogen heaters use electricity to produce a continuous and even heat. The heat is also radiant and safely heats people and objects directly and not the air.

Infrared halogen patio heaters come in various styles such as hanging, wall-mount, and free standing. They can be directional which heat can focused in one spot, and, they can be omnidirectional to heat the surrounding around it.

Typically, patio heaters of this type give off up to approximately 5,000 BTUs of heat providing warmth to a ten foot area.

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