Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Guide to Patio Design

A patio is an outdoor extension to your home so it just reasonable to bring the familiar beauty of your interior design to the outdoors. It must be built and designed to provide style and comfort for a great outdoor experience.

Before you choose a design and start building, it is worth considering to first decide the purpose of your patio. This way will help you project how much area would be required and determine the patio furniture and fixtures needed.

If you love gathering with friends and relatives, you will need a patio that have ample space. This design would make a great experience if it can accommodate another space for a little entertainment.

An outdoor room for get-together usually require more seats than any other outdoor furniture to make it comfortable for your guest to gather around. It does not mean you have to stock chairs with the same style and form of course. There is not much design esthetics on that and your patio would look more like a function room. Instead, vary your seats and just match their color and material type. For example, you may put an outdoor wicker sofa set then add chairs and stools that are also made from wicker.

If the purpose of your patio is to have an outdoor dining room or for grilling on weekends with your family or friends, then you patio design should be more suitable for outdoor cooking and dining. It is much easier and fun to just make a little kitchen in your patio. If building a kitchen in your patio is not good for you then a portable outdoor BBQ and Grill appliance would be well enough to enjoy outdoor dining and grilling.

There are dining sets specifically made for outdoors. I suggest you should also consider a convertible dining table which expands to accommodate additional guests.

Do you want a bar in which you can relax and drink and share your favorite wine? Many have built a patio with an outdoor bar area nowadays. Just build a bar top, erect a patio umbrella for a shade, add some bar stools, and voila, your very own customized outdoor bar at home.

Try to match your patio design with the architecture of you house so it doesn’t look a bit off.

Add an outdoor fireplace or a patio heater to keep you warm.

There are many types of paver, you need to know them to make a good choice which one is to use. Here is an article about patio pavers to help you.

Apart from great design, patios should be made durable because they add value to your property just in case you might have plans to sell it one day.

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