Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Defining Your Patio Space

A patio is more than just an extension of a home, it is a valuable outdoor space for recreation and for entertaining guests. That is why we have to design it well to achieve the goal.

Defining your patio space involves several factors and determined by the purpose. You have to think about the structure, design, and other amenities you want to add. You should also make sure that there is a good amount of space left. These factors have a great impact on the overall experience your patio has to offer.

At the very basic, you patio is first defined by its structure. The materials used in building and how they are formed and laid have effects to the patio design. Different materials make a starting point to create a specific theme for your outdoor room.

Here are some ideas:
  • Brick pavers is great for creating a garden themed patio.
  • Concrete is good for patios with water features like pool. However, adding gravel and stones makes an appealing accent to the water feature. 
  • Other stone materials and tiles makes a heart-warming and soothing patio.

Pool and Water Features
Pool and other water features like fountains make a cool and refreshing outdoor space. This is a great design choice for summer and for places with warmer climate. But it is not for just hot areas. If your family love the refreshing feel of a pool, then it should be great for you as well.

The choice for nature lovers and those wanting the goodness of flowers and veggies. It is very easy to add plants to a patio no matter what your patio structure is. If there is no space for gardening, then you can add plants using pots or try vertical gardening. You might find it a relaxing and enjoyable type of setup.

Well, a patio without a set of outdoor furniture will not be complete. It provides a place to sit and to lay down while enjoying the space.

Additionally, outdoor patio furniture items play a great role in defining your patio space not just in the experience but also in the appearance. Choose those that complement with your theme. The type of furniture should go well with the structure of your patio. Like  wooden furniture sets for example, they are good for heart-warming and nature inspired patios, while glossy resin and aluminum furniture items look great for patios with pool.

The type of covering you have in your patio contributes to defining your patio space too. They are made to cover you from the sun or limit your exposure to sunlight but they can also add to your patio design.

Sturdy pergolas are used because they are elegant and well-built shade structure. However they are expensive and cannot be built if you have a limited space. If space limits you from building one, then you have many other options in the form of awning, shade sail, and patio umbrellas.

Proper lighting defines you patio space at night. They are used not just to give light to be able to use your patio after the sunset but also for creating mood. Different lights of brightness and colors affects the overall feel of your patio. They can mimic daylight, can make you feel warm, and can create a festive surrounding.

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