Monday, March 31, 2014

How To Build a Fire Pit Yourself

Building a fire pit is an easy Do-It-Yourself project. And in just a few days, you’ll finally enjoy the heat while lounging in your backyard or patio even on a cool summer night. Aside from heating and creating ambiance, your fire pit would also serve other exciting functions like melting marshmallows and heating or roasting food stuff. Your family and friends will surely have a great time together.

You don’t need expensive materials and sophisticated tools. You don’t need technical skills because this project is fairly easy to accomplish that even some kids know how.

To build a good fire pit, you’ll need a little bit of planning, but first you should make sure there are no restrictions and your neighbors would not be bothered. Once you have completed this initial step, then we’ll start with determining the materials to be used.

Typical fire pits are made of concrete, bricks, stones, and in any combination of these materials. Choosing which one is totally up to you.

There are two ways you can build your fire pit. You can lay it flat above the ground, or a little bit lower. However, it is ideally be laid approximately a foot deep. I am sure that digging a hole in the ground is not hard. Dig a circular hole, about four feet in diameter and make the bottom flat. Once the hole is done, it is now ready for the construction of the fire pit wall.

Laying down the walling requires effort, but it is relatively easy. Even if you are a complete novice, you will find it a fun project.

Form the circular wall starting from the bottom of the hole. Burying the bottom of the walling adds stability. Then build the structure layer by layer up to a foot high. Fill the bottom of the pit with gravel, this will act as a lining and as a drainage for your fire pit. Once done, the main part of the project is completed.

Finishing Touches
The final step is to smooth up your new fire pit. Either you paint it or stain it. You can also add decorative accents like molding, or build a ring of pavement around to make it stand out with your backyard or patio design.

Other Options
If for some reasons you cannot make a fire pit you own, but you really wanted to have, you can purchase a pre-made one. There are fire pits that are designed portable so that you can put it in your backyard without making any alterations to your landscape. Also, there are fire bowls that can be fueled with gas, electric patio heaters, and portable fireplaces for an instant heating solution.

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